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Smart-Tech is now part of the Mobile world. Currently our team is qualified in creating applications for offices, services or companies.

If you need a lightweight application, with user-friendly structure regardless of experience or age of your users and aesthetically pleasing, Smart-Tech is the right choice.

We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS in Microsoft Xamarin technology, one of the highest performance platforms in building applications. We also support you in every step, because Smart-Tech is a Microsoft Partner. Having a support from a leader in the field of technology, we assure you a response to each of your needs at any time.

Smart-Tech takes care that each of your requests is treated seriously and resolved efficiently.








Our team takes care of:

– Your business logic
– Rigorous implementation of customer requirements
– Building a mobile application easy to use
– Modern and contemporary design
– Quality but also low costs.


Before moving on to the mobile application development process, it is important to follow some steps that are necessary to build a successful application.

Business logic

The first thing we want to understand after the meeting with the client is: What is the purpose of the application that will be built? It is important to understand what is the idea that the client has for the mobile application that will be built. But for us is also as much important that with our suggestions, we reach a final idea for an application that will make a difference in the market. In addition to knowing the customer, the competition must be known as well. Knowing the competition can create a clear vision on what is needed to make your application not only practical but also unique. Our team consists on qualified people to offer you modern solutions for the implementation of any innovation.


Customer requirements

By identifying customer requirements, it becomes easier to answer the following questions about the application:

  • What are the problems that the mobile application is expected to solve? (So ​​what is the task of this mobile application)
  • What components will it include?
  • How will this app differ from other apps on the market?
  • What platform will be used? (Android or IOS)
  • What are the functionalities that will be included in the App?
  • What is the expected return on this investment?


Development phase

The development phase is based on the steps that will be taken to create and then publish the mobile application. These steps include:

    • Operating system: Android or IOS
    • Internet: Do I need an Internet connection to use the App?
    • User interface design: The design of the application must be ‘responsive’, meaning, suitable for use on phones or tablets of different sizes.
    • Language: The language in which the application will be developed.
    • Security of user data: It is important to ensure the privacy of customer data if the latter is required to register for using the application.


Post-development phase

The post-development phase is very important, because the application you trust us, in addition to meeting your criteria, must also meet international rules and certifications. These are some of the things to consider as the application is in development and ready for Publication:

  • Testing: We dedicate a considerable period to application testing. To make sure that all the functionalities of the App are those required by the client, the application goes through several stages of testing and re-testing.
  • Launch: It is important that the launch of the application, already completed, is done in the right way. There is always a ‘target’ audience for which the application is published, so we make sure that this audience of people is attracted by this new mobile application in the market.
  • Maintenance: The Smart-Tech team provides support for the ongoing maintenance of your mobile application. This is a key point to keep the application efficient, functional and under control at all times.
  • Updates: After the publication of the first version of the application for the general public, the first suggestions follow. It is important that reviews are always taken into account and that based on them, constant updates of the application are performed. This would make it more flexible and resilient over time.


For more information you can download our mobile application at Play Store or contact us at our contact number.